A really cute dragger addone for Blyde

A very common usage

Drag items between containers

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Drop items here
Just more items
Also drop here
Drag me!

*On mobile devices you may need to click on the target to drop the item

Something about weight... Yeah that's weight

Bigger items might not be that dynamic (slightly different)

Click on elements below in order and drag them to see the tiny difference


Click here to restore

Want something more?

Open the console, select any element on this page and use "element.startDrag()" to drag it, if you would like to, you can set the size of the dragger like "element.startDrag('124px', '50px')". Use "element.dragRelease()" to release the drag, "element.stopDrag()" to stop dragging and return to the original place immediately or "element.moveTo(x,y)" to move the elemet to a specific coordinate.

Try it out yourself to see what's happening.

Ruby Rose


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